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Pro Floors Contractors LLC is a team of professional Contractors that provide top-quality Installation & Remodeling hardwood, laminate, carpet tiles, carpet squares, baseboards, trim, carpentry,  finish work, tile and vinyl, kitchen & bath remodeling.  Residential & Commercial. Don't Overpay for installation. Professional Services and an Affordable Prices! Call us Today (503) 789-4660




★ Hardwood Floor Refinishing / Sanding / Staining

★ Install Stairway handrail and post, pickets

★ Interior door Installation /  Exterior door Installation 

★ Install Shelving 


★ Window  casing 

★ Install wall mount / Install wall panel


★ Complete Bathroom remodeling

★ Complete kitchen remodeling

★ Kitchen Cabinets installation, electrical, heating and air.

★  Full line of Hardwood Flooring Installation


★  Laminate Flooring Installation


★  Full line of Tile  Installation & Remodeling


★ Shower Pan Installation


★ Heat Floor Installation


★ Particle Board Installation


★ Exterior Doors Installation and Replacement.


★ Carpentry / Finish Work


★ Baseboards and Trim


★ Carpet Tile, Wood Removal and Disposal


★ Concrete Floor Preparation


★ Granite, Vinyl installation and Much More!


★ Every Job Is Treated With Integrity and Respect!


★ 100% Satisfaction is Guaranteed!